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Green Restoration Ireland Cooperative


Green Restoration Ireland Cooperative along with Wetland Surveys Ireland have won funding for the Open Call under the European Innovation Partnerships Initiative (EIP) and will be funded under Irelands Rural Development Programme 2014-2021. You can read the full Press Release here Minister Hackett announces 2.2 million funding for Peatlands Projects

We would like to thank the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and Minister Pippa Hackett for selecting Green Restoration Ireland as one of the winning projects for the EIP Initiative.



Dr. Douglas McMillan and Eimhin Shortt would be glad to answer any questions about our European Innovation Partnerships Initiative project, our cooperative approach, our work and research to support rural development through habitat restoration, or indeed any other questions you may have.


Call us on 05393 75616 or 05791 23895.


About Green Restoration Ireland

Green Restoration Ireland is a member of the Irish Cooperative Organisation Society (ICOS) and was founded in 2019. We take direct action to support rural development through actions which restore our natural landscape and so help fight climate change and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Our Cooperative Values:

ICOS was established as the IAOS by Horace Plunkett in 1894 under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1893. The co-operative principles which are seven in number derive from the principles established by the Rochdale Pioneers:

1.     Voluntary and open membership,

2.     Democratic member control,

3.     Member economic participation,

4.     Autonomy and independence,

5.     Education, training and information,

6.     Cooperation among cooperatives,

7.     Concern for the community.



Members of Green Restoration Ireland:

Our founding members are a group of like-minded scientists, citizens, farmers and business people:

·        Dr. Douglas McMillan, Chairperson (contact at doug@greenrestorationireland.coop or 05393 75616 / 087 9678372)

·        Eimhin Shortt PRO (contact at eimhin@greenrestorationireland.coop or 05791 23895)

·        Gary Smyth

·        Ben Ryan  

·        Dr. Mark Heaton

·        Elizabeth Bradley

·        Thom Stewart

·        Catherine Kelly

·        Dr. Norman McMillan

·        Eoghan Connaughan



At Green Restoration Ireland, we are concerned by the current state of the world’s environment and its trajectory, in particular, in relation to the possibility of runaway climate change and the catastrophic loss of biodiversity on which our civilizations depend. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that many of our fellow citizens share these concerns as well as a love of our natural heritage but frequently have no means of addressing them.


While we have all made efforts to reduce our carbon footprints and negative environmental impacts in the course of our activities we inevitably generate unavoidable CO2 emissions which are typically addressed by ‘carbon offsetting’.1 However, this service suffers from a number of drawbacks, notably the issues of additionality, double-counting, lack of accountability, lack of legal redress etc. which pose serious questions of accountability, corruption and fraud.


At the same time, Ireland offers few offsetting possibilities although it sits on an estimated 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon which is locked up in our peatlands. Ireland has a huge potential for (non-peatland) afforestation having Europe’s lowest level of under 11% of tree cover (as compared to the EU average of 47%) yet a highly favourable climate for rapid tree growth.



Our Mission Statement is:

·        To provide valid, verified and transparent high-quality offsetting services to any person or business seeking to offset unavoidable carbon emissions,

·        To enrich the island of Ireland with greater biodiversity and carbon sequestration/retention abilities,

·        To provide transparency to customers on the subject of offsetting,

·        To collaborate with all interested parties in researching and . 


High quality offsetting services” refers to activities which generate carbon and/or biodiversity offsets:

·       by avoidance or mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and/or carbon sequestration,

·       increase biodiversity and enhance other ecosystem services such as flood control and water quality and supply, and

·       which support community development, landowners and rights-holders.



Our Vision is:







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